Consulting Services

There are very few advisors in the country that understand and utilize the tools of charitable planning. Yet, these are some of the most powerful and effective planning options available. There are many instances when the very best outcome can be achieved by deploying a charitable technique. This has been a specialty and passion of ours since the beginning. Charitable planning allows families an array of options and opportunities that other strategies often can’t provide.

How do donors structure an engagement and assess fees?

A few common pricing models include: Donors may hire and pay philanthropic advisors personally or, in some cases, a charitable entity (e.g., a private foundation or donor-advised fund sponsor) may hire and pay the advisor. Project-based fees The advisors’ fees are fixed and tied to a defined scope of work. This model may be most helpful in cases where the advisor is being hired to conduct specific research or facilitate a meeting or set of meetings. Retainer model The advisor is available to help a donor on an ongoing basis; this model is often useful for donors who need support across many different areas of giving, and over a long period of time, but don’t need a full-time staff member. Hourly fees This model is most helpful if a donor wants the greatest flexibility in working with an advisor, allowing the donor to engage the advisor on an ad hoc

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