Women & Retirement

Women Face Some Unique Challenges When it Comes to Their Financial Lives.

Consider the following:

  • 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives.1
  • Women outlive men by an average of 5 years and must be financially prepared for a longer retirement.2
  • Although the gap is closing, many women still earn less than men for comparable work.
  • According to the Social Security Administration, less than half of women have a retirement plan.
  • According to AARP, nearly 2/3 of women ages 40 to 79 have experienced a major financial transition such as divorce or job loss.

Women & Investing: Take Control of Your Financial Future

Women & Investing: Take Control of Your Financial Future

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1 "Women in the Labor Force: A Databook," U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012.
U.S.Census Bureau, Life Expectancy by Sex, Age, and Race: 2008

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